December 12, 2017

Retargeting – the best books, presentations and infographics

Even though retargeting is one of the most efficient methods of online marketing, there are only a few authors and articles which go into the depth of this topic.
I have chosen the best works on this topic from my point of view.


retargeting_playbookBook: The Retargeting Playbook

This is a perfect book to get the basic information about whole subject of retargeting. It was written by AdRoll employees – this company is specialized in remarketing. However, it was published in 2014 and some parts are getting outdated.


xml_coverBook: A step-by-step guide to Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

My book about Facebook dynamic retargeting. It is rather a manual than a book and it is includes best practice tips and tricks.


image297Infographic: The Seven Types of Effective Retargeting

Nice graphic elaborate of seven retargeting strategy – quick and easy.


7-incredible-retargeting-statsInfographic: Incredible Retargeting Ads stat

A very nice infographic about retargeting. Unfortunately, it is very old – from 2013.



retargeting-101-everything-you-need-to-know-about-retargeting-1-638Presentation: Retargeting 101: Everything You Need to Know About Retargeting

A presentation which is rich in information – a lot of texts, few pictures.


q2-2017-benchmark-report-marketers-deepen-facebook-ad-investments-as-mobile-and-dynamic-ad-retargeting-soar-1-638Presentation: Q2 2017 Benchmark Report: Marketers Deepen Facebook Ad Investments as Mobile and Dynamic Ad Retargeting Soar

This presentation includes trends not only in remarketing regarding Facebook advertising.


intro-to-adroll-retargeting-1-638Presentation:  Intro to AdRoll Retargeting

It is not only an intro but a complete retargeting strategy. Unfortunately, it is from 2014 – so some parts are old. It is interesting but provides only superficial information.

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